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Commodity Transit connects global shipping communities including but not limited to the exporter, importer, buyer, seller around the world. By bringing all shipment elements in one place, Commodity Transit makes it easy for the cargo owner to find their ideal transporters.

Our broad network of transporters gives you a wide range of shipping options. Commodity Transit makes transporting hassle-free for traders and helps transporters boost their opportunities. Leveraging the expertise of our highly professional team, Commodity Transit is dedicated to giving you superior service and exceptional experiences.

Why choose Commodity Transit


Our mission is to create a hassle-free shipping network that helps importers, exporters, and transporters, achieving your goals, increasing efficiencies, expanding your businesses, as well as share your spare container space and turning it into profit.


Our vision is to be the leading shipping platform community that creates a positive relationship between importers, exporters, transporters and all stakeholders in the shipping industry.

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Wade Warren